Racial Supremacy is the Stupidest Ideology

At some point it's bound to happen - Loricism is going to be asked, "What's your stance on white supremacy?" Or Nazis. Or the Alt-right. Or the KKK. Or somewhere, someone will accuse Loricism of supporting these groups because one of them will probably share a quote or something they happen to agree with. So we are getting ahead of this now. Our official stance on racial supremacy is that it's stupid. It isn't compatible with Loricism. But we don't want to just state that, we want to explain why it's incompatible.

Firstly, it goes against several of the core Virtues espoused by Loricism. Justice is the obvious one. It is unjust to judge or treat anyone differently based on things that are beyond their control. So their race, where they were born, how old they are,  a disability they have, etc., fall into this category. Using things that are beyond one's control as the basis for establishing an arbitrary definition of superiority is rooted in weakness. Only a weak individual would need such an ideology in order to prop themselves up and feel better about themselves. Justice also teaches us not to contribute to the suffering of others where reasonable possible.

It also goes against Prudence, which we value for the purposes of being reasonable. It is unreasonable to, again, use a thing beyond someone's control in such a manner. Key 10 advises us to be reasonable in thought and action, in all things. Unreasonable ideologies ought to be challenged; all ideologies ought to be challenged. Such vitriol and hatred has no place within Loricism. Those who espouse such rotten ideologies can attempt to justify their beliefs, but these ideas fall apart upon scrutiny.

Following such an ideology, whether blindly or because one seeks comfort among a group that has leveraged an urgent desire to belong, also goes against the second virtue, which is Authority. Under such ideologies, individuals take a back seat to the group. Followers are expected to kowtow and indoctrination plays a vital role in recruitment. Indoctrination is the sign of an inferior idea; good ideas don't require indoctrination. This is one of the first things Loric practitioners learn in Communicatio Ratio.

A common ingredient in these types of ideologies is fear, which Loricism aims to overcome. Unreasoning fear is used as a weapon to bring an individual closer to the fold. They belief in the dire warnings promoted by the ideology, and subsequently look to the group for safety and belonging. Loricism teaches to see these things as they are - unreasonable. It strives to instill courage in its practitioners.

These ideologies, for the reasons listed above and because they do not aim to promote a culture of encouragement and success to all, go against the goals of Cultura. Because we value strength in individuals, we also value strength in communities and other groups. Attempting to inhibit another individual or group from success for the purposes of "getting ahead yourself" runs counter to the goals of creating people of strong character. The very concept is rooted in weakness, therefore it is counter-productive to Cultura.

Above all these details is the mission of Loricism: Best Self, Best Ideas, and Best World. We want to help individuals attain their highest selves so they are not susceptible to the pull of the group. They must be strong enough to resist such nonsense. We also want to promote superior ideas, strong ideas, which can stand up to scrutiny. Extremist thought is easy to refute. Third, we are supporters of making the world a better place. We do this by promoting justice (which is rooted in equality). Strong individuals do not need to derive validation from unethical or unreasonable means.

For these reasons, any supremacist ideology is incompatible with Loricism. Write that down.