The Detriments: Self-imposed Obstacles

Loricism has three core elements, the first of which is called Ingenium. The purpose of Ingenium is to help you recognize and clear 11 different self-imposed obstacles that are likely holding you back from success in various ways. These are by no means the only obstacles you might face in life, but they are common, so we chose them as the focal point for this element of Loricism.

A lot of these obstacles are self-imposed mental blocks that might be caused by a limiting set of beliefs, negative social conditioning, &c. The key to overcoming these self-imposed obstacles is to first cultivate self-awareness. You cannot clear something if you do not know it is there. So simply being aware of them is the first step. For now, that will be our focus with this article.


The Detriments

There are eleven core detriments, or hindrances in Loricism; these are traits that prevent one from achieving self-mastery; while there are many other traits that inhibit success, these are simply the ones focused on primarily in Loricism. These are:

  1. Doubt - A feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction. Characterized by insecurity or a lack of confidence in your abilities. Overcome by nurturing adequacy.
  2. Submission - Yielding to a superior force or to the will or authority of another person. Characterized by letting others determine your choices or, by being easily influenced, or by being manipulated or taken advantage of. Overcome by asserting authority and temperance.
  3. Fear - A feeling induced by a perceived danger or threat. This covers all the things you are afraid of. Overcome by cultivating courage.
  4. Neglect - To be remiss in the care or treatment of something. This is talking about your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Overcome by cultivating vitality.
  5. Resignation - The acceptance of something undesirable but perceived to be inevitable; to quit. Characterized by a lack of seeing things through and difficulty handling hardships. Overcome by cultivating resolve.
  6. Avoidance - keeping away from or withdrawing from something undesirable. Characterized by irresponsibility or laziness. Overcome by nurturing responsibility.
  7. Disrespect - a lack of respect towards something. Characterized by letting others talk down to you, treat you poorly, or push you around. Overcome by developing respect.
  8. Distraction - extreme agitation of the mind or emotions. Characterized by difficulty handling stress and taking on too many things at once. Inability to prioritize or create routines and habits. Overcome by promoting focus and discipline.
  9. Deflection - displacement of concern onto other individuals. Characterized by an inability to accept responsibility for your own part in things, and trying to blame others. Overcome by practicing reflection.
  10. Irrationality - action or opinion given through inadequate use of reason. Characterized by acting without thinking, being unreasonable or stubborn, and an inability to admit you're wrong. Overcome by practicing prudence.
  11. Injustice - lack of fairness or justice. Characterized by being overly judgmental of others, hypocritical behavior (expecting others to conform to your idea of proper behavior while expecting them to give you freedom), and treating others poorly. Overcome by promoting justice.

You may find that some of these effect you more than others, or that you need to work on each of them a little bit. The purpose of Ingenium is to cultivate their opposite traits, which we refer to as the 12 Virtues (Authority and Temperance both cover Submission in different ways).

Looking at this list of Detriments, which of these do you think you struggle with the most?