A Philosophy of Life

Loricism is best described as a system of "martial arts of the mind" that combines character development, critical thinking, and communication skills. It is modeled after martial arts in execution and teaching. Philosophy doesn't have to only concern itself with thoughts alone, but actionable principles. Loric philosophy concerns itself with how to achieve our highest character and how to use reasonable thought to facilitate constant improve of ourselves, our ideas, and the world. Loricism is made up of three elementa, or components; inner character and prosperity, reason and communication, and culture.


Internal Character

The first elementum of Loricism, ingenium, focuses on the individual mastery of self through four areas of focus: autonomy, duty, will, and wisdom. Each of these is comprised of three distinct virtues,
and stress is placed on constant improvement of these virtues.

Communicatio Ratio

Reason and Communication

 Loricism is a system of thought that values teaching people how to think instead of what to think. Included in this is the second elementum, communicatio ratio, which deals with logic and reasonable communication.



The third and final elementum of Loricism is cultura, which aims to create a culture of rational thought, inner prosperity, and virtue.



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