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Racial Supremacy is the Stupidest Ideology

At some point it’s bound to happen – Loricism is going to be asked, “What’s your stance on white supremacy?” Or Nazis. Or the Alt-right. Or the KKK. Or somewhere, someone will accuse Loricism of supporting these groups because one of them will probably share a quote or something they happen to agree with. So…

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Recommended Reading

Just in case anyone wants some additional resources, here’s a non-definitive list of our recommendations. We will add more resources as we discover them, so if you have suggestions, add them here. Ingenium Mastery, by Robert Greene Extreme Ownership, by Jocko Willink The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, by Mark Manson The Power…

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The Dangers of Ideology (Avoid These)

Ideas are like wildfire. This analogy is nothing new, and it’s because they can spread quickly, and burn with passion. They light fires under asses and in hearts. If an idea falls flat, it smolders out unless new life gets breathed into it. Ideas that resonate with people gain better traction, especially if they are able…

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Assume Command of Your Life

Your life belongs to you and no one else. This must be non-negotiable. We sometimes don’t realize we relinquish control over our lives to others, we let other people dictate our paths. Your life does not belong to your parents, children, spouse, other relatives, your teacher, priest, neighbor, boss, friends, the President, any person of nobility, politicians, your employees, or anybody else. It’s yours.