Self-Mastery Profile

Welcome to your Onboarding Profile. This is a quick survey of 33 questions to give you better insight into your mindset as it relates to self-mastery. Answer the following questions honestly.

1. I _______ dread uncomfortable situations the whole time leading up to them.
2. "Live and let live" is a good approach to life.
3. I _______ have trouble controlling my temper.
4. I _______ work toward pursuing the thing(s) that bring me true joy.
5. I _______ have the motivation to see things through.
6. I _______ consider what I'm contributing to problems that might be making things worse.
7. I _______ get stressed out and overwhelmed.
8. I can stand up for someone who is right, even if I disagree with them or don't like them as a person.
9. I tend to hold grudges.
10. I _______ have trouble resisting temptation.
11. I _______ worry about what other people might think.
12. I _______ have trouble finishing projects I start.
13. I _______ focus on the actions of others in disagreements, rather than my own actions.
14. I _______ take responsibility for my actions.
15. I'm not lucky enough to be successful.
16. I don't like to tell people no because I don't like to disappoint others.
17. I like to read for the purpose of learning.
18. I would reconsider doing something I really wanted to do because my family disapproved.
19. I think people should be free to make their own decisions, even if I don't agree with them.
20. I _______ admit when I'm wrong.
21. Fear _______ prevents me from taking action.
22. I _______ give up when things get too difficult.
23. Other people are successful because they possess traits I don't have.
24. Failures in the past have _______ been my fault.
25. I stick to my guns no matter what.
26. I prefer to be realistic about things, most dreams are just pipe dreams.
27. I cannot change who I am.
28. I will _______ change my mind when presented with new information or evidence.
29. I _______ have trouble reaching my goals because of lack of time, money, knowledge, or other things that get in the way.
30. I have difficulty sticking to a routine.
31. I _______ go along with things I don't want to do because I don't want to make waves.
32. I ________ neglect my physical well-being.
33. People ________ take advantage of me.