What are the 12 Virtues?

The first core element of Loricism is called Ingenium, meaning character development. It is essentially thought of as "self defense against one's self." In other words, everything in this element is designed to help an individual recognize and deal with themselves and the common ways we act as obstacles in our own paths. Each virtue helps a person clear away an obstacle that gets in the way of success in some way.

Adequacy: Self-confidence and belief that one possesses the potential to succeed.
Authority: Ownership over one's life, one's actions, and one's choices.
Temperance: Self-control; the quality of being able to balance between two extremes.
Responsibility: The state or fact of being accountable for one's duties and actions.
Respect: Due regard for a person, institution, concept, tradition, etc.
Discipline: Activity, exercise, or a regimen that develops or improves a skill or trait.
Courage: The quality of being able to face and/or overcome one's fears.
Vitality: The quality of physical, mental, and spiritual health.
Resolve: The quality of perseverance, being able to finish what one starts.
Reflection: The practice of examining one's thoughts, actions, and traits.
Prudence: The practice of care, caution, sound judgment, reason, and wisdom.
Justice: The practice of treating others with fairness and dignity.