What are the levels of Loricism?

Loricism uses a level "ranking" system as a way of delineating progress with the material and ensuring that those in instructive positions are of enough proficiency to do so effectively. It is very similar to the way martial arts ranking is implemented.

Level 1 - Tiro

Everyone begins as a tiro, or apprentice. Level 1 is about learning the fundamentals of Loricism, with specific regard to the 10 Keys we use to get closer to inner prosperity. The communicatio ratio portion typically entails practicing interaction without losing control, and students begin to learn about logic and fallacies, being assertive, and other communication techniques. Practitioners must have at least 100 hours of praxi (practice) before promotion to Novicius. Students are awarded a gray shirt for Level 1.

Level 2 - Novicius

Level 2 has a solid foundation from which to expand the basics learned in Level 1. The Novicius (novice) continues working closely with the 10 keys to gain self-awareness, self-control, and self-confidence. More praxi is given toward rational discussion and human interaction, ingenium, and mindfulness. Most of Level 2 is spent practicing and expanding on the fundamentals, building proficiency, and working toward mastery of the self. Practitioners must have at least 200 hours of praxi (practice) in this level before promotion to Opifex. Students are awarded a navy blue shirt for Level 2.

Level 3 - Opifex

Level 3 has a firm grasp on all the fundamentals of Loricism enough to begin teaching. The Opifex (artisan) can certify up to Level 2, and must spend at least 300 hours at Opifex before promoting to Praeceptor. Level 3 practitioners are well-versed in conversations and display enough confidence to maintain self-discipline, even when in the minority (i.e. they still to what is true, logical, or reasonable, even if they're the only ones doing so). They have a well-rounded understanding of logical fallacies and various rhetorical devices, and a higher than average degree of self-mastery. Opifices are expected to represent self-control and possess keen, reasonable communication skills. Students are awarded a dark red shirt for Level 3.

Level 4 - Peritum

Level 4 has a more established mastery of the principles of Loricism, and are more skilled at teaching and facilitating praxi. The Peritum (expert) can certify up to Level 3, and must spend at least 400 hours at Peritum before promoting to Praeceptor. Level 4 practitioners are well-versed in rhetoric, debate, and all varieties of interpersonal communication. They have internalized the art of recognizing and countering logical fallacies and various rhetorical devices, and are more attuned to helping lower ranks identify problem areas and solutions. They must be skilled enough to teach others to teach Loricism. Students are awarded a dark green shirt for Level 4.

Level 5 - Praeceptor

Level 5 is considered a master of the principles of Loricism, having spent years practicing and working toward self-mastery. The Praeceptor (master) can certify up to Level 4; promotion to Level 5 requires a board of certifiers. Level 5 practitioners can be considered experts in self-control, confidence, awareness, and communication. Students are awarded a black shirt for Level 5.