Loricism Level 2

Get out of your own way and start living the life you want.

Janden Hale · October 28, 2021

Loricism is a revolutionary system of self-mastery training modeled after martial arts. This is a 12-week course designed to change your life completely for the better. There are 12 weeks of daily lessons, and upon completion of this course you will possess the same amount of knowledge as a Level 2 within the Loric system. Note that this is an accelerated course; it typically takes 1 full year to reach Level 2, so if you can commit to finishing this course, you will be ahead of the curve.

There are 6 levels within the Loric system, which are designed to help you gauge your progress, just like martial arts. These levels are:

Level 1: Gray

Level 2: Blue (1 year after starting)

Level 3: Red (2 years after reaching blue)

Level 4: Green (3 years after reaching red)

Level 5: Brown (3 years after reaching green)

Level 6: Black (3 years after reaching brown)

Altogether, it will take about 12 years to reach the highest level within the system. This is on par with how long it takes many people to reach black belt in, for example, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (10 years on average). We do it this way because we want to maintain a high standard of quality within the system and to ensure that all the principles are internalized.

Loricism has three different areas of focus: ingenium, communicatio ratio, and cultura. Ingenium, or character development, is the core component, and is intended to help you achieve self-actualization and self-mastery. In terms of martial arts, this is self-defense against all the obstacles you put in your own way.

The second component focuses on mastering communication skills and critical thinking. This is martial arts of the mind, designed to prepare you from the everyday external attacks on your mind. This means dealing with manipulation, faulty arguments, and flawed logic. This also means you will be better prepared to find the optimal solutions to problems.

The third and final component of Loricism is cultura, or culture. It is about helping others achieve what you have achieved, and sharing the knowledge you have learned so that others may benefit, too. A rising tide lifts all ships, and we want to lift all of humanity.

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Janden Hale

Janden is a writer, artist, and musician in Colorado Springs. His books can be found on Amazon.

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