Communicatio Ratio

Table of Contents

Communicatio Ratio is the second core element of Loricism. It is Latin for “reasoned communication.” If Ingenium is about development of the individual to achieve self-mastery, this is about development of communication skills and ideas. Since Loricism aims to create a culture of reason and justice, being able to communicate ideas effectively is essential. Communicatio Ratio focuses on communication skills, logic, reason, dealing with manipulation, etc.

Much of this portion also entails learning to recognize logical fallacies and cognitive biases.

Self-Defense of the Mind #

Loricism, being influenced heavily by the martial arts, is essentially a full-spectrum martial arts system (when combined with a physical martial arts system). It aims to provide a means of self-defense, not only physical, but of the mind. Communicatio Ratio provides the mental self-defense from external sources, such as manipulation and control, and Ingenium provides mental self-defense for the spirit (morale) by handling mental attacks on ourselves from ourselves. We sabotage our own progress with negative self-belief and poor decisions; this is what Ingenium is for.

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