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Justice is one of the 12 Virtues that form the core of Ingenium. It is one of the virtues that belongs to the Wisdom Quadrant. It is the twelfth and final Virtue taught because after all the other virtues are learned, it is important to learn to afford others the same leeway we ask for ourselves. It is defined as “the practice of treating others with fairness and dignity.” Justice is taught using the 12th Key as a means of a strong sense of fairness with regard to our treatment of others.

The Key to Justice is called “Consider Other Masters.” It is the final virtue because where all the others were learning how to take control and responsibility over our own lives, this one teaches how to help others do the same. It is about remembering not to do to others what we do not wish them to do to us.

Wisdom #

Being a part of the Wisdom Quadrant, this virtue is intended to cultivate wisdom in the form of treating others with fairness and dignity.

Litany #

The Litany affirmation for Justice:

I allow others the freedom and authority to live their lives, just as I would want them to do for me. I endeavor to lessen the suffering of others and avoid contributing to it to the best of my ability. I do not judge others. I defend others when they are treated unjustly, even those who do not consider me a friend. I am just, and as such I value justice.

The abbreviated Litany is “I allow others authority over their lives, and I treat them with fairness and dignity.”

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