Level I – Tiro

Level I, known as a Tiro, is the first rank in Loricism. It means “recruit” in Latin. Level I is about learning the fundamentals of Loricism, with specific regard to the 11 Keys used to get closer to inner prosperity. This is considered like the “white belt” of the system. These students are simply expected to show up and absorb information, contemplate how they can apply it in their own lives. The Tiro is also encouraged to spend most of their time cultivating self-awareness. This is mostly observed by having the students journal their Reflection time between classes.

The Communicatio Ratio portion typically entails practicing interaction without losing control, and students begin to learn about logic and fallacies, being assertive, and other communication techniques. The tiro can usually expect to take one year before being promoted to Novicius. The color for this rank is gray, and students are typically awarded a gray shirt or lapel pin for Level 1 after attending four classes. It has the first two virtues on it, Adequacy and Authority.

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