Level IV – Peritum

Table of Contents

Level IV, known as a Peritum, is the fourth rank in Loricism. Level IV has a more established mastery of the principles of Loricism, and are more skilled at teaching and facilitating praxi. The Peritum (expert) can certify up to Opifex, and takes 3 years before being promoted to Princeps.

Level IV practitioners are well-versed in rhetoric, debate, and all varieties of interpersonal communication. They have internalized the art of recognizing and countering logical fallacies and various rhetorical devices, and are more attuned to helping lower ranks identify problem areas and solutions. They must be skilled enough to teach others to teach Loricism. The color for this rank is dark green, and students are typically awarded a dark green shirt/lapel pin for Level IV. The pin for Peritum has the virtues Responsibility and Respect on it.

Extra Requirements #

Because of Cultura and Communicatio Ratio, higher level students are expected to know a foreign language (or something like sign language). To qualify for promotion to Level IV, students should demonstrate a skill level of A2 in a language of their choice.

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