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Prudence is one of the 12 Virtues that form the core of Ingenium. It is one of the virtues that belongs to the Wisdom Quadrant. It is the tenth Virtue taught because after taking responsibility for one’s actions and thoughts, it is important to develop reason and logical thought. It is defined as “the practice of care, caution, sound judgment, reason, and wisdom.” Prudence is taught using the 10th Key as a means of cultivating sound judgement. The tenth Key is intended to help foster a sense of reason and critical thinking to better facilitate strong interaction with others and the world around us.

The Key to Prudence is called “Be Reasonable.” It is about being constantly reasonable and using sound judgement in all situations.

Wisdom #

Being a part of the Wisdom Quadrant, this virtue is intended to cultivate wisdom in the form of solid judgement and proper thought.

Litany #

The Litany affirmation for Prudence:

I am reasonable in all things, even when others are not. I value truth, reason, and justice above personal gain. I surround myself with reasonable people, but I am patient with those who are not. I am prudent, always thinking before acting irrationally. My judgment is free from the distraction of my emotions.

The abbreviated Litany is “I am reasonable in thought and action.”

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