Quam Imperium

Quam imperium is a Loric concept regarding unfair judgment of people for reasons that are beyond others’ control. It literally means “beyond control” in Latin. It can be considered a type of ad hominem logical fallacy or cognitive bias, depending on the situation. Things that typically fall under quam imperium are:

  • place of birth
  • race
  • sex
  • age
  • height or other physical traits that can’t be changed
  • actions of individuals who are not the target of judgement (i.e. actions of one’s forebears)
  • where one went to primary school
  • they remind you of someone else who possessed certain traits
  • social class of birth

Negative use of a quam imperium argument goes against the Loric virtues of Prudence and Justice, as they are simultaneously unfair and unreasonable. Many of the concepts or arguments that fall under the realm of jingoism and racism are negative uses of this.

It should be noted that the term was coined specifically for Loricism.

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