Ranking System

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Loricism utilizes a ranking system similar to martial arts to reward students, provide incentive, and help coaches easily gauge ability and experience levels. There are 6 ranks currently, each one identified by a specific color and title. It should take 12 years to reach level 6 if one practices and learns consistently.

  • Level ITiro – beginner to 1 year before reaching Blue. Grey signifies neutrality; students are an open canvas, their canvas is neutral and they have not yet “painted” it with knowledge or their own flair.
  • Level IINovicius – 2 years before reaching Red. Blue signifies a modest degree of dedication, unofficially the color of bruising (symbolic of trials and tribulations that come from uncomfortable experience or adversity).
  • Level IIIOpifex – 3 years before reaching Green. Red signifies that the concepts are “running through their veins”, unofficially the color blood (symbolic of a student having bled in pursuit of knowledge).
  • Level IVPeritum – 3 years before reaching Brown. Green signifies that the student has solid roots and is growing on their own, unofficially the color of leaves (a student begins to develop their own concepts and style).
  • Level VPrinceps – 3 years before reaching Black. Brown signifies that the student has matured in the seasons.
  • Level VIPraeceptor – 12 years to reach Black. Black signifies that the student has “reached midnight” in their journey; but really they are simply preparing to start a new day.

Children #

Children of any age are able to participate and learn. Unlike other systems, there is not a separate ranking system for children. Children who demonstrate sufficient knowledge and proficiency in the concepts and techniques are eligible to earn the same rank as adults. The only difference is that they cannot teach until the age of 16.

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