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Respect is one of the 12 Virtues that form the core of Ingenium. It is one of the virtues that belongs to the Duty Quadrant. It is the seventh Virtue taught because after gaining a sense of autonomy and control, it is important to foster a sense of respect for the self so that healthy boundaries can be established. It is defined as “due regard for a person, institution, concept, tradition, etc.” Respect is taught using the 7th Key as a means of dealing with a lack of self-respect. The seventh Key is intended to help remember to respect oneself first so that others may also respect us. It also teaches that in order to gain respect, one must also respect others in the process.

The Key to Respect is simply called “Respect Yourself.” It is about taking responsibility for self-respect so that one can set healthy boundaries with others.

Duty #

Being a part of the Duty Quadrant, this virtue is also about not neglecting our own duties in life, specifically the duty of holding ourselves in high regard (valuing ourselves) so that we may pave the way for others to also value us.

Litany #

The Litany affirmation for Respect:

I respect myself. I know that if I am to be respected, I must be respectable. I establish boundaries and I enforce them. I set the tone for how others treat me, and as such, what I allow will continue. I set the example by respecting myself, and I also afford others respect when it is deserved.

The abbreviated Litany is “I respect myself and stand up for myself.”

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