Semper Amplio

Semper amplio is a concept that recurs throughout Loricism. It means “always improve” in Latin, and it applies to the self, to ideas, to everything. The idea is that if one can view things as always having room for improvement, it helps prevent over-confidence, grandiosity, etc. Things, especially ideas, should not stagnate. By leaving any idea open to improvement, it also helps foster communication and collaboration, and inhibits the ego from getting in the way. It also helps encourage alternative ideas and mindsets. The concept is basically the same thing as kaizen in Japan.

The concept is designed so that improvement is a process, rather than something like an overhaul of something (unless a massive reform is sorely needed). Incremental change is easier to accept, and less likely to incur pushback than sweeping change. Another issue with sweeping change is it tends to result in the pendulum effect, where the response is an extreme reversal, which garners the same response. This process then repeats itself. If improvement is seen as a constant process, then improvement becomes a habit.

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