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Temperance is one of the 12 Virtues that form the core of Ingenium. It is one of the virtues that belongs to the Autonomy Quadrant. It is the third Virtue taught because after gaining control of our lives from external sources with Authority, it is important to gain control of our lives from internal sources. Temperance is about cultivating self-control. Temperance was once combined with Authority into the 2nd Key because they are both means of dealing with submission, or yielding to a superior force. In the case of temperance, it is a way of managing a loss of control, which is often a product of something like anger or temptation that results in hindering progress toward self-mastery.

The Key to Temperance is called “Rule Over Impulse”. It is about teaching that your impulses do not have to control you. Part of self-mastery involves mastering your impulses, which when left unchecked, can wreak havok over your life.

Litany #

The Litany affirmation for Temperance:

I control my impulses. I know that self-mastery involves being in command of my thoughts and actions, and impulses can impede the way to self-mastery. I have mastery over my impulsiveness. I remain unperturbed by external forces, and they cannot deter my inner sanctum.

The abbreviated Litany is “I control my impulses.”

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