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Temperance is one of the 12 Virtues that form the core of Ingenium. It is one of the virtues that belongs to the Autonomy Quadrant. It is the third Virtue taught because after gaining control of our lives from external sources with Authority, it is important to gain control of our lives from internal sources. Temperance is about cultivating self-control. Temperance is combined with Authority into the 2nd Key because they are both means of dealing with submission, or yielding to a superior force. In the case of temperance, it is a way of managing a loss of control, which is often a product of something like anger or temptation that results in hindering progress toward self-mastery.

The Key to Temperance is called “Seize Authority.” It is about teaching that each individual is the ultimate authority of their own life, and breaking out of the mindset or habit of being controlled by other people or by social conditioning (Authority); temperance deals with making conscious decisions and thoughts, and having a balance between abstinence and recklessness.

Litany #

The Litany affirmation for Temperance is the same as for Authority:

I am the Master of my life and my destiny. My life and my decisions are ultimately mine to command. No other person can claim higher authority over my life than me. I have the right to make my own decisions, and I accept responsibility for those decisions, good and bad. My life is mine to control.

The abbreviated Litany is “I am the authority in my thoughts and decisions.”

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