What is Loricism?

Loricism is an active philosophy that presents its concepts in a way that is similar to martial arts (it even has a ranking system like martial arts). Loricism simply asks practitioners, “What do you want your life to be?” From here, it provides students with the means to overcome their own internal obstacles that prevent them from achieving the optimal state of self-mastery, a state called exsolutus. It means freed, as in released from your impulses, your ego, your judgments. In such a state you are unaffected by the push and pull of others, your reactions, etc. You are essentially unshakeable. People and situations do not get under your skin, leaving you unburdened and free to maneuver without tension, fear, anxiety, stress. You are calm and nothing can disturb your inner peace. It is very much like enlightenment or the Stoic Sage.

Loricism is broken up into three primary pillars:

  • Ingenium – character development; learning to cultivate awareness and clear self-imposed obstacles. This is considered self-defense against attacks we present against ourselves.
  • Communicatio Ratio – rational communication; learning to communicate more effectively to remove obstacles presented by faulty communication and dealing with difficult people. This is considered self-defense against non-physical attacks imposed by others.
  • Cultura – culture; learning to interact with society at large in a way that promotes the ideals of reason and justice. Making the world a better place and helping others improve themselves and their ideas. This is also considered self-defense against societal pressures like indoctrination, ideology, and conditioning.

As Loricism aims to provide each individual with means by which they can overcome self-imposed obstacles, each of these three pillars is designed to remove obstacles that prevent society from achieving progress.

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